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Wood has always been a popular building material found in abundance, as it is relatively inexpensive and easy to work with. However, pre-engineered steel buildings have gained a lot of preference for most commercial, industrial and warehouse settings in recent years, as it presents significant advantages over traditional wooden constructions. The agricultural industry is particularly fond of custom metal buildings for barns and other facilities. 

Why have steel buildings become so popular?

Structural Strength

Steel building components are manufactured to exact specifications and are incredibly strong. Each part of the metal frame of a pre-engineered metal building meets strict specifications on its strength and function. 

Every component used in the construction has to meet the load criteria so that the engineer can account for all the loads placed on the required structure, ensuring the structure’s capability to withstand any weather conditions or natural disasters like high winds. Because of this very reason, prefabricated metal buildings from Choice Metal Buildings have become a popular choice for many homes and businesses in Florida.

Ease of Construction and Reduced Costs

Each component used in constructing pre-engineered metal buildings is designed to match and fit the pieces perfectly. In addition, since the design is pre-engineering, the construction crew can identify and assemble the installation quickly and without any errors. Moreover, there is no material wastage because the material delivered at the site is precisely what is needed, making steel buildings more affordable.

In comparison to wooden construction, the lumber needs to be cut and fitted on-site according to the specific dimensions of the building. Custom wood construction requires a high level of experience for the carpenter, which drives up the construction cost. In addition, there is always a danger of wastage of lumber if the measurements are not accurate.

Flexibility in Designing

The fact that steel is more robust than wood opens up possibilities for architects and engineers to be more creative with their designs. Steel can be bent and shaped into any form, making it the perfect material for curved roofs, arches, and other intricate designs. In addition, with steel in construction, you can span the entire width of a building with a single beam and place the columns on the exterior rather than the interior. The result is an open, airy, spacious, lightweight structure that would be impossible to achieve with wooden construction.

While it is true that wooden beams can span long distances, they need to be supported by heavy columns on the interior of the building. This takes away from the usable space within and can make the interior feel cramped and claustrophobic.

Durable and Minimal Ongoing Maintenance

Steel is a long-lasting material, and once installed, it requires little ongoing maintenance. In addition, it does not readily corrode and rust in the presence of moisture, making it ideal for construction in coastal areas where salt air can quickly corrode wooden structures.

Unlike steel, wood is susceptible to decay and rot when exposed to moisture and needs to be treated and stained regularly to prevent deterioration. In addition, wood can be infested by termites and other pests, which can quickly damage the structure of the building.

Wooden buildings have an economic life of 15-20 years with a lot of maintenance along the way, after which time the roof and other structural elements need to be replaced. On the other hand, pre-engineered metal buildings can last for 50-60 years with very little to no maintenance and offer a decade of stress-free use.

Eco-Friendly with Zero Wastage

Steel is a more environmentally friendly option because it is 100% recyclable. In fact, the steel used in pre-engineered metal buildings can be recycled and reused repeatedly without any loss in quality or strength. Furthermore, as mentioned earlier, custom-steel buildings are manufactured and erected as per the on-site required specifications, minimizing the wastage of any resources.

On the other hand, Wooden structures are not as environmentally friendly and non-recyclable, making steel buildings in Florida a more preferred option.

Fire Resistant-Saves Money

Apart from the fact that you save on maintenance with a metal building, you also save in case of fire. Steel is non-combustible and does not give off toxic fumes when exposed to fire as wood does. A pre-engineered metal building can easily withstand a fire for up to four hours without collapsing, while a wooden structure will most likely burn down in minutes. Many customers do not realize that using non-combustible materials in their building construction can save them money on insurance premiums.


Pre-engineered metal buildings offer many advantages over wooden structures: durability, stress-free use, eco-friendly with zero wastage, and fire resistance. When you take all these factors into account, it becomes clear that Florida-certified steel buildings are a far better option for your construction needs.

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