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Metal carports are ideal for protecting vehicles, RVs, and boats from sun, snow, rain, hail, and heat. Metal carports are an affordable option compared to other construction types.   

Metal Carports An Investment and a Protective Shelter

Carports can be used for a variety of purposes. Metal carports are perfect for residential and commercial applications and can be customized to meet your requirements. Carports are most commonly used as a protective shelter for vehicles, and they add curb appeal and increase the value of your property. There are questions to ask before purchasing a metal carport. 

Where Can the Carport be Located?

A carport functions better when installed on a flat surface. It is essential to ensure the carport site is prepared before installation to determine whether there is adequate clearance to accommodate the carport size. The carport should be located at a safe distance from power lines and in accordance with local building codes.

What is the Primary Purpose of a Carport?

It is essential to determine the primary purpose of the carport. If you require a carport for one car, then a single-car carport will be sufficient. A double or triple-car carport may be necessary if you have multiple vehicles. A taller and broader structure is needed if the carport is used for an RV. Metal carport kits are fabricated for specific space needs. Before purchasing carports for sale, it is crucial to determine the amount of space, size, and specifications.  

Do Metal Structures Require Additional Support?

Metal carports feature no trusses or beams and have minimal support requirements. Depending on your needs and local building codes, the carport can be installed directly on the ground or on concrete. If the carport is installed on the ground, ensure the area is level and has good drainage. If you have questions about the installation process, our experts will help.

Does Local Building Code Require Structure Design Certification?

Every community has building code requirements. When purchasing a carport, the local building department may require approval of your design plan.  

At Choice Metal Buildings, we offer a wide variety of carports. We can customize a steel garage or a carport to meet your specific needs and requirements and local building code requirements. 

What are Carport Materials?

Choice Metal Building carports are made with high-quality, durable galvanized steel, offering long-term protection against the elements. The steel is coated with zinc to protect against rust and corrosion. The carport is finished with durable paint, available in multiple colors.

The roof panels are available in a variety of materials, including:

  • Aluminum: Lightweight material that handles the weight of heavy snow.                                       
  • Galvanized Steel: Durable and weather resistant.
  • Polycarbonate: Excellent UV protection, available in clear or tinted options.

How Much Does a Carport Cost?

Metal carports are priced according to the carport’s specifications and the customer’s requirements. The size, shape, style, certification, and customization will affect the final cost. Metal carport labor costs less, and material prices are cheaper, making metal carports a cost-effective option. Carports are generally more affordable than wood or brick structures. Choice Metal Buildings can create custom metal carports and provide a free quote based on your requirements and budget.

Purchase Your Metal Carports from Choice Metal Buildings

Choice Metal Buildings offer high-quality, durable carports in various sizes, styles, and materials. We provide standard steel and custom carports to meet your needs. 

If you have any questions about our products or need help finding suitable metal carport kits for sale, please get in touch with us today. Our team of experts would be happy to assist you.