Free Delivery & Installation of Metal Buildings In South Carolina

Choice Metal Buildings is one of the leading providers of custom metal and steel buildings for both residential and commercial customers throughout the nation. We specialize in the expert construction of garages, barns, and carports that come in a multitude of different roof and color options. We’re also fully capable of customizing all of our building plans to fit your unique needs.

Metal Barns, Carports, Garages, & More

Steel and Metal Building Construction for Various Uses in South Carolina

Commercial Steel Buildings – We specialize in designing and manufacturing custom metal structures for all types of applications for businesses and individuals in South Carolina.

Residential Garages & Carports – Do you need more space to keep your vehicles out of the sun and rain? We also construct custom carports and garages.

Metal Workshop Buildings – Everybody needs a place they can go to work with just their own thoughts to keep them company. We can provide you with a metal workshop building that’s constructed to your exact specifications.

Steel RV Shelters & Picnic Shelters – We also construct large-scale metal structures like RV covers and picnic shelters that are well suited for both public and private use.

Metal Agricultural Buildings – Working in agriculture means you need a dry place to house everything from livestock to important equipment. Keep your property safe from the elements with one of our metal buildings.

South Carolina Steel Building Roof Styles

Standard Roof

A standard roof has panels that run the length of the entire building and stretch down from the ground on one side, over the top, and back down to the other side with no overhang.

Boxed-Eave Roof

A boxed-eave roof more closely resembles a traditional A-frame roof, with panels that run horizontally along the length of the building, leaving a small amount of overhang on the sides.

Vertical Roof

A vertical roof has panels that run vertically from the ridge to the eave. These vertical panels help rainwater, leaves, and other debris slide off the roof more easily.

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Here at Choice Metal Buildings, we make it our mission to always go above and beyond for our customers by providing them with superior service and premium quality workmanship. Let us show you that when it comes to the construction of high-quality custom steel garages, carports, and barns, nobody else in the nation can do as good a job as we do. Thinking about building on your property? Get in touch with us to talk about how you can get a custom estimate today!