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Metal buildings are a viable option for commercial and industrial applications, andas North Carolina’s economy grows, the demand for quality buildings has increased. Many companies in North Carolina prefer metal buildings over traditional wood-framed structures due to their durability, fast installation, and cost-effectiveness. 

Environmental Impact

As North Carolina looks to reduce its carbon footprint, businesses are increasingly searching for sustainable building options that don’t negatively impact the environment. Metal buildings for sale are an excellent choice because they are low maintenance, durable, and 100% recyclable. The building can be broken down and reassembled at another location, or the structure can be melted down, and the metal can be reused.

Construction Waste

The construction industry is a leading contributor to landfill waste. Approximately one-third of the building materials used in construction projects is wasted because of damage, over-ordering, and inaccurate measurements. A metal building generates very little waste because the materials are cut at the factory, allowing the workers to build efficiently and with minimal waste.

Cost Effective

With significant increases in lumber prices, metal buildings are a budget-friendly option for NC businesses. Metal buildings are cost-effective since the initial construction costs are lower, and metal buildings last significantly longer than wood-framed structures.


North Carolina’s weather conditions include hurricanes, tornadoes, excessive wind, torrential rain, and flooding. Metal buildings are much better equipped to withstand these harsh conditions. Custom metal buildings resist moisture, mold, pests, and fire. 

Energy Efficiency

Metal buildings are energy efficient and provide insulation against heat and cold. 

Local Company

Supporting a local metal building business reduces transportation emissions and supports the local economy, and a local company understands the regulations, landscape, and weather of North Carolina. Choice Metal Buildings is a local business with experience and expertise in providing top-quality metal buildings. If you’re looking to build a custom metal building for your home or business in NC, Choice Metal Buildings can help you with every step. Give us a call today.