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The most common sizes of metal garages people buy vary depending on their specific needs and available space. However, based on industry standards and customer preferences, here are the top 20 most common sizes of metal garages:

  1. 12′ x 20′
  2. 20′ x 20′
  3. 24′ x 24′
  4. 12′ x 24′
  5. 30′ x 30′
  6. 24′ x 30′
  7. 20′ x 30′
  8. 18′ x 20′
  9. 22′ x 24′
  10. 14′ x 24′
  11. 26′ x 26′
  12. 24′ x 40′
  13. 22′ x 30′
  14. 16′ x 20′
  15. 20′ x 40′
  16. 24′ x 36′
  17. 28′ x 30′
  18. 14′ x 20′
  19. 18′ x 24′
  20. 26′ x 36′

People commonly use metal garages for various purposes, depending on their needs and preferences. Here are some of the most common uses for metal garages:

  1. Vehicle storage: Many people use metal garages to store their cars, trucks, RVs, boats, and other vehicles. Metal garages protect from elements like rain, snow, and sunlight and can help prevent theft and vandalism.
  2. Equipment storage: Metal garages can also store equipment, such as lawnmowers, garden tools, power tools, and construction equipment. They provide a secure and dry place to store these items, protecting them from the elements and potential theft.
  3. Workshop: Metal garages can serve as a workspace for people who enjoy DIY projects or need a space to work on their hobbies. The garage can be customized with workbenches, shelves, and other storage options to accommodate tools and supplies.
  4. Home office: For those who work from home, a metal garage can be converted into a home office. The garage can be insulated and finished to provide a comfortable and quiet workspace.
  5. Livestock shelter: Metal garages can be used as a shelter for livestock, such as horses, cows, and goats. They can also be used as a storage space for feed and other supplies.
  6. Recreational space: Metal garages can be converted into a recreational area, such as a game room, gym, or home theater. They provide a separate space for leisure activities, away from the main house.

Overall, metal garages are versatile structures that can be used for various purposes. They provide a secure and protected space that can be customized to meet the owner’s specific needs.