Metal buildings are an excellent solution for vehicles and storage, and before purchasing a metal building, it’s essential to consider the roof type. Several roof designs are commonly used for metal buildings, and each has benefits.

Standard Roof

The standard roof style is the most economical for metal buildings. This roof features a low-slope design that stretches from ground to peak with no overhang on either side. This design allows water runoff to be efficiently directed away from the building. The standard roof style is ideal for carports or garages.

Boxed-Eave Roof

The boxed-eave roof features an A-shaped frame with a tall peak, creating a traditional, aesthetically pleasing look. The roof panel runs horizontally and features overhangs on both sides, providing extra protection against the elements. This roof style requires regular maintenance, like removing leaves stuck in the roof’s ridges.

Vertical Roof 

The vertical roof is the third style available with Choice Metal Buildings. This roof style offers superior strength and durability. This option looks similar to the boxed-eave roof, but the panels run vertically from ridge to eaves. The vertical roof prevents rain and snow from collecting in the corners, making it an ideal option for barns and metal garages in harsh climates. 

The roofs come in various colors, and our experienced team can help you select the correct roof style for your custom metal building.