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Barns are essential for farming and agriculture. They are versatile structures that can be used for storing equipment, housing livestock, and as a workspace. Farmers traditionally built barns with wood because it was the most readily available and affordable option. However, advances in steel technology have made metal barns the most popular choice. Metal barns are more versatile, durable, and safer than wood barns. 

The Safety Factor

Steel is a safer option than wood when constructing farm buildings. Wood breaks down over time and is susceptible to rot, high winds, severe weather conditions, and insect infestations. Wood structures are also a potential fire hazard.

Metal barns for sale from Choice Metal Buildings are constructed with high-quality steel, which is corrosion, rust, insect, and weather resistant. Metal barns provide excellent safety for your animals, equipment, and supplies.

Investment Value

When investing in a farm building, you want to ensure it will offer long-lasting value for your money. Steel buildings are designed to last for generations with very little maintenance required. The modular construction of metal buildings allows for expansion or reconfiguring as your needs change, ensuring that your investment will continue to meet the changing demands of your farm.


Steel barns come in various colors and styles that will complement the look of your farm and are customized to meet your specific needs. Numerous options are available, such as roll-up doors, windows, vents, and skylights to ensure that your animals are comfortable and your belongings are protected.

Uses of Metal Barns

  • Storage: Metal buildings provide the perfect solution for storing hay, grain, supplies, and farm equipment to keep them safe from weather, vandalism, and theft.
  • Workspace: Metal buildings can be outfitted with electricity, water, and other utilities to create the perfect environment for a workspace. 
  • Animal Shelter: Steel barns provide a safe, secure environment for livestock such as cattle, horses, pigs, and sheep. Because metal barns are easy to clean and maintain, your animals will always have a clean and comfortable environment.

Choice Metal Buildings in NC uses the highest quality eco-friendly materials and construction methods. We design a barn in size and style to meet the specific needs of your farm, and our team of experts is always available to answer questions. Contact us or visit our website to learn more about metal barns and how they can benefit your farm.