Free Delivery & Installation of Metal Buildings In Utah

If you’re a car aficionado who loves fixing up old vehicles, you need a place to work where you can lock up at the end of the night and know your property is safe and secure. With a metal garage from Choice Metal Buildings, you can customize your structure to allow you ample space to both do your work and store equipment, plus feel confident that your project will be safe from bad weather and prying eyes.

Steel Garages, Carports, & Barns

Get Exactly What You Want With Every Single Building

Metal Workshop – Run your business in a quiet, peaceful space that gives you the security you need to feel comfortable and safe leaving work at the end of the day.

Steel Carports & Garages – Whether you’re interested in the open concept of a traditional carport or the safety of a metal garage, we can build it for you.

Covered Picnic Shelter – A covered picnic area where people can gather is a great addition to any public park or even a private property.

Utah Steel Building Roof Styles

Standard Roof – A standard roof starts on the ground at one side and travels over the roof to the ground on the other side.

Boxed-Eave Roof – A traditional style, this roof has horizontal panels running from eave to eave with some overhang.

Vertical Roof – Similar to boxed-eave roofs, vertical roofs leave some overhang but have panels running vertically to help debris and water slide off.

Get A Custom Estimate On A Steel Building in Utah

At Choice Metal Buildings, we work tirelessly to provide our customers with the buildings they need to run their businesses or improve their day-to-day. From the ability to customize your color and roof to free delivery and installation on all metal buildings across the country, our values are clear and our mission is simple: to give you the steel structure you need with an exceptional customer service experience to match