Free Delivery & Installation of Metal Buildings In Mississippi

Choice Metal Buildings has provided customers across Mississippi with durable steel buildings for years, and we will continue to do so for years to come. From start to finish, we pride ourselves on the workmanship of our business and the stellar customer experience we deliver with each and every structure we build. With the ability to fully customize your metal barn, garage, or workshop, you can get the exact building you want without hassle from your top-Choice in the industry.

Steel Garages, Carports, & Barns

Fully Customizable Buildings For A Range of Uses

Commercial Metal Buildings – If you’re expanding your business, investing in a commercial metal building will give you the space to grow and perform whatever your trade may be with ease.

Steel Workshops – If you’re a crafter, you need a quiet place to perform and store your work. A steel workshop will keep your items safe while giving you the privacy you need.

Residential Garages & Carports – Why spend money on a beautiful car just to leave it exposed to the elements? A custom garage will keep it safe from prying eyes and adverse weather conditions all year round.

Public Structure – Need a place where people in the community can gather in rain or shine? A covered picnic shelter may be just what you need.

Mississippi Steel Building Roof Styles

Standard Roof

A standard roof’s panels run the full length of the building, stretching from the ground and over the top of the roof to back down to the ground without overhang.

Boxed-Eave Roof

A more traditional style, these roofs with their A-frame look run horizontally across the length of the building and have a slight overhang on each side.

Vertical Roof

Roof panels on a vertical roof run from ridge to eave and make it easy for water and debris to slide off.

Ask Us For Your Custom Estimate For A Steel Building in Mississippi

If you’re interested in investing in a steel building for your business, farm, or even just to protect your car, contact Choice Metal Buildings today to get your custom estimate. From roof style to color, you can fully customize your structure to be exactly what you need.

Plus, with only the most high-quality and durable materials used on your building, you can feel confident that it will stand up to the elements and be a safe haven for whatever you need for years to come. Call Choice Metal Buildings to learn more about your options.