Free Delivery & Installation of Metal Buildings In Colorado

With the snow folks in Colorado can see each year, you need a metal building that can stand up to the weight and the wind that comes with winter. Choice Metal Buildings uses only the best materials for our metal structures, and we offer roof styles like vertical roofs that make it easy for snow and other debris to slide off instead of causing a cave-in. Contact us today and let’s get started on your custom estimate.

Steel Garages, Carports, & Barns

Run Your Business Or Perform Your Craft In Peace

Agricultural Buildings – Keep animals warm and equipment safe by housing them in a sturdy metal barn.

Metal Garages & Carports – An attached metal garage is a blessing in bad weather when you’re not prepared to get cold or wet while getting in and out of your vehicle.

Metal Workshop – Efficiently run your business or create arts and crafts inside your customized metal workshop.

Colorado Steel Building Roof Styles

Standard Roof – This basic style roof has panels starting on the ground that reach over the top to the ground on the other side.

Boxed-Eave Roof – A more aesthetically pleasing style, this roof’s panels leave a bit of overhang and have horizontally-run panels.

Vertical Roof – Similar to boxed-eave roofs, the main difference here is that the panels run vertically so that heavy snow, water, or debris can slide off without issue.

Let’s Get Started On Your Custom Estimate in Colorado

Protect yourself and your property from winter’s grasp by investing in a metal building for your farm, business, or your own personal needs. We can customize your roof style and the color, and we’ll deliver it to Colorado and install it for free. Why not learn more about your options today? Call our team of experts and we’ll get started on your custom estimate.